Web Content Mangement Systems

We specialize in the advanced web content management system Drupal.


  • Easy on-line content creation - create your own content types such as events, testimonials, gallary, etc. 
    • Below is an example of part of an event entry screen that shows the ability to multiple dates/times/descriptions and venues for a single event listing.  You can select a venue by just typing into the venue field.  If that venue is new, press the green circle to create a new one.

 Example of Advanced Content Editing


  • Advanced layout features - layout your content the way you want it, easily, on-line.
  • Exceptional access control - give your users access to only the areas they need. 
  • Menus - add your content to a menu.
  • Taxonomy - Tag your content to create categorized pages to group common items.
  • Modules - extend existing features and add new ones.
  • Calendar - add any content to a calendar.
  • and so much more.


  • Drupal is secure.  User Friendly has been running Drupal for 12 years without any issues.  With other content management software you can quickly end up serving up malware because they don't review their add-ons and extensions.

Open Source

  • User Friendly uses open source software because we feel that open source provides better value for you.   This doesn't mean we are against closed source software, just that open source is our first choice, always.